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Science Laboratory Refurbishment Specialists

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Food Technology Refurbishment Specialists

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Technology Area Refurbishment Specialists

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School & College Refurbishment Specialists

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The Labform Group offer a comprehensive turnkey refurbishment service.

Our specialist divisions provide all the skills required to undertake your science laboratory refurbishment, food room, IT suite and all other areas. From initial design, supply and installation of furniture to providing all associated building services, Labform have the in house expertise to deliver on time and within budget.

Service Group Divisions

Science Laboratory Furniture and Refurbishment Including:

  • Science Laboratories
  • Prep Rooms
  • Science Laboratory Furniture
  • Fume Cupboards
  • Science Laboratory Design & Installation
  • Building Services

Food Technology Furniture and Refurbishment Including:

  • Food Technology Rooms
  • Canteens & Kitchens
  • Food Technology Furniture
  • Classroom Conversions
  • Food Technology Design & Installation
  • Building Services

Refurbishment of Technology Areas Including:

  • IT Suites / Benching
  • Design & Technology Areas
  • Graphics & Design
  • Art And Textiles Areas
  • Electronics Rooms
  • Design & Installation
  • Building Services

Refurbishment Services Throughout the School Including:

  • General Classrooms
  • Toilet Cubicles & Washrooms
  • Cloakrooms / Changing Rooms
  • Offices & Receptions & Libraries
  • Decoration, Flooring
  • Ceilings, Lighting
  • Design & Installation
  • And All Other Building Services

At Labform we know that the right environment can increase productivity and ignite new creativity

Our mission is to design and deliver interior solutions – from full building refits to the manufacture and supply of furniture for the contemporary design technology environment. Creating dynamic teaching environments through attention to detail in the design of educational furniture.

Students learn best when classroom furniture is the right size for their individual needs and when desks and tables are positioned in ways that suit the task they are engaged in. Our furniture will withstand a 25 year life in a demanding environment. The robust construction and modern appearance facilitate the objectives of the modern educational technology environment.

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Through our experience, knowledge and vision we provide future-proof,  curriculum structured learning environments

We welcome the opportunity to assist bursars, architects, consultants, project managers and contractors to plan, design and develop schemes that ensure clients realise their expectations to provide a science laboratory, food technology room or IT suite or any spaces that will give them the best prospect of achieving the success they strive for.

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