Brentwood School, Essex (Laboratory Furniture)

Brentwood, Essex | Science Laboratory Refurbishments

Project Brief

Laboratory Furniture – Brentwood School, Essex

1 Science Laboratory (2012)

This was our first project with Brentwood School, and the school were looking for a refurbishment to impress and bring life into the science block

Corian was the worktop of choice, and the school were very pleased with the outcome and how it has improved the teaching environment

3 Science Laboratories (2013)

Having been successful in our bid to refurbish the 2nd phase of laboratories at Brentwood School, we were presented with a bigger challenge that we had in 2012, as this time it was to refurbish 3 laboratories in 14 days, during the schools half-term.

The school were very accommodating in working hours and days, which made the project achievable within the very tight timescales.

We were confident of being able to complete all the laboratories on time, and were able to demonstrate to the school how we were going to achieve this before the start of the project, giving them confidence in our ability.

With close project management throughout the whole project, and skilled workmen willing to go that extra mile, Labform were able to present the 3 Science Laboratories back to Brentwood School “One” day earlier than programmed, allowing the school to re-populate the rooms with the appropriate equipment well within the timescale required and set out at the beginning of the project.

Labform continually try to push the boundaries, and will only ever commit to a project of this size and tight timescales, when we are 100% confident we can deliver the goods at the end of the programme. Our reputation is key to our immediate and future success.

1 Science Laboratory Refurbishment (2015)

Once again this laboratory was refurbished within a half term, and completed on time and within budget

1 Science Laboratory Refurbishment (2016)

Continuing with the Corian worktop theme, this refurbishment was more of a challenge, but still completed within the programme

Project Testimonial

Labform are one of our better contractors, and always deliver the project on time and within budget

Estates Manager, Brentwood School
Brentwood School, Essex (Laboratory Furniture)
Brentwood, Essex
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